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    Yuzaki Lab's (Department of Neurophysiology, Keio University School of Medicine) research theme is to elucidate "how neural activity and environmental changes induce memory and learning,、, 、and how they change the neural network itself ."。For details please Click here.
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Tokiwa Yamasaki, Assistant Professor


<Short CV>

1995Year March sandpile elementary school graduation

1998Year March Seiwa junior high school graduation

2001Year March La Salle High School Diploma

2005Year March the University of Tokyo School of Pharmacy graduate

2007Year March Tokyo University of Pharmaceutical Sciences Graduate Degree

2010Year March the University of Tokyo, Graduate School of Pharmaceutical Sciences doctoral graduates Dr. (pharmaceutical)

2007April Month - March 2010 Japan Society for the Promotion researcher DC1

2010April Month - October 2013 Tokyo Medical and Dental University Institute of intractable diseases Extraordinary assistant

2013April- 2015April JSPS Research Fellow PD

2013October Month - December 2017 Medicine, Yale University, Cellular and Molecular Physiology Research Fellow Dr.

2018January - serving


<Basic Information>

Born in Wakayama City, Wakayama Prefecture

Living in Tokyo

Japanese Archery 1st Dan

Driver's license:Medium and ordinary motorcycles, motorized bicycles

National Qualification as a Pharmacist