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    Yuzaki Lab's (Department of Neurophysiology, Keio University School of Medicine) research theme is to elucidate "how neural activity and environmental changes induce memory and learning,、, 、and how they change the neural network itself ."。For details please Click here.
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We await the participation of motivated indivisuals。We will vigorously nurture young researchers who will lead the future of basic science.。
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Goals of undergraduate education

We believe that you want to achieve in the student the following goals through lectures and practical training。Except、 In order to achieve the goal、It is best to engage in actual research。Motivated students a certain period of time、It is strongly recommended that you be participating in the actual classroom study。

To understand physiology as a multidisciplinary approach
Biological behavior does not understand is to unplug the molecular biology and molecular genetic point of view。However、Sensory system、Muscles、Many of the biological phenomenon of the central nervous system is a basic electrical phenomenon、Electrophysiological knowledge is essential to the understanding。And therefore、After having firmly understand the basics of electrophysiology、I think that a biological phenomenon want an integrated manner to understand。

To understand the pathophysiology of various diseases
Unknown reason there was a lot of nerve, muscle, heart muscle disease、It is becoming an age that can be physiologically understood as a channel anomaly as a "Chaneropashi"。I think that the physiology of as the basis of pathology firmly I want you to understand。

To understand how scientific questions are addressed
Self-education tireless lifetime is essential for medicine in all fields。Become a driving force behind the、Not only pure motives who want cure patients、New things to explore the、I think that is a joy to know。In this、And the "quest for joy."、The scientific quest way、I would like to see put to us only through research and practical training。