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Ovulation rate is correlated with AMPA receptor polymorphisms (PLoS One) 2010.11.1
Sugimoto M, Sasaki S, Watanabe T, Nishimura S, Add a, Yamazaki M, Matsuda K, Yuzaki M, Sakimura K, Aoyagi Y, Sugimoto Y. Ionotropic glutamate receptor AMPA 1 is associated with ovulation rate. PLoS One. 2010 Nov3;5(11):e13817.

Snapin binds to late endosome transport and dynein lysosome / autophagosome maturation controls (Neuron; invited preview) 2010.9.29
Yuzaki M. Snapin snaps into the dynein complex for late endosome-lysosome trafficking and autophagy. Neuron. 68,4-6, 2010.

Dravet syndrome, SCN1A promoter activity in the region (Human Mutat) 2010.8.11
Nakayama T, Ogiwara I, Ito K, Kaneda M, Mazak E, Osaka H, Ohtani H, Inoue Y, Fujiwara T, Uematsu M, The Haginoya, Tsuchiya S, Yamakawa K. Deletions of SCN1A 5’ genomic region with promoter activity in Dravet syndrome. Hum Mutat. 31:820-829,2010.

Considering the potential safety of iPS cells by the treatment of spinal cord injury (PNAS) 2010.8.1
Tsuji O, Miura K, Okada Y, Fujiyoshi K, Mukaino M, Nagoshi N, Kitamura K, Kumagai G, Nishino M, With Tomisato, Higashi H, Nagai T, Katoh H, Kohda K, Matsuzaki Y, Yuzaki M, Ikeda E, Toyama Y, Nakamura M, Yamanaka S, Okano H. Therapeutic potential of appropriately evaluated safe-induced pluripotent stem cells for spinal cord injury. Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A. 2010 Jul 13;107(28):12704-9.
This paper is an undergraduate student Fuli Mr. contributed。

Maintenance and synapse formation by C1q family molecules (EJN Special Issue responsibility editing; Invited Review) 2010.7.12
Yuzaki, M. Synapse formation and maintenance by C1q family proteins: a new class of secreted synapse organizers. (In: Special Issue: Training, Regulation & Plasticity of Glutamatergic Synapse). Eur J Neurosci 32:191-197, 2010.

Orphan receptor and the orphan ligand found each of the partners:Delta 2 receptor and Cbln1 (Invited Review; Cerebellum) 2010.6.11
Matsuda K, Yuzaki M. Cbln1 and the Delta2 Glutamate Receptor-An Orphan Ligand and an Orphan Receptor Find Their Partners. Cerebellum, 11: 78-84, 2012.

Delta 2 receptor is a receptor for Cbln1、Controlling the maturation of presynaptic and rear (Science) 2010.4.16

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Matsuda K, Miura E, Miyazaki T, Kakegawa W, Emi K, Narumi S, Fukazawa Y, Ito-Ishida A, Kondo T, Shigemoto R, Watanabe M, Yuzaki M. Cbln1 is a ligand for an orphan glutamate receptor delta2, a bidirectional synapse organizer. Science 328:363-368, 2010.

Autophagic cell death and the relationship between excitatory (Autophagy) 2010.3.31
Nishiyama, J., Yuzaki, M. Excitotoxicity and autophagy: lurcher may not be a model of “autophagic cell death.” Autophagy 6, 568-570, 2010.

Expression and biochemical analysis of brain C1QL family molecules (Eur J Neurosci) 2010.3.1
Iijima T, Miura E, Watanabe M, Yuzaki M. Distinct expression of C1q-like family mRNAs in mouse brain and biochemical characterization of their encoded proteins. Eur J Neurosci 31:1606-1615, 2010.

By knockdown in the prefrontal cortex of DISC1 in the development stage、Abnormal results of behavioral abnormalities and dopamine system after puberty (Neuron.) 2010.2.25
Niwa M, Kamiya A, Murai R, Kubo K, Gruber AJ, Tomita K, Lu L, With Tomisato, Jaaro-Peled H, Seshadri S, Hiyama H, Huang B, Kohda K, Noda Y, O’Donnell P, Nakajima K, Sawa A, Nabeshima T. Knockdown of DISC1 by in utero gene transfer disturbs postnatal dopaminergic maturation in the frontal cortex and leads to adult behavioral deficits. Neuron. 65:480-9, 2010.
This paper is an undergraduate student Fuli Mr. contributed。

Larcher mutations in cell death is not death by autophagy (J Neurosci) 2010.2.15
Nishiyama J, Matsuda K, Kakegawa W, Yamada N, Motohashi J, Mizushima N, Yuzaki M. Reevaluation of neurodegeneration in lurcher mice: constitutive ion fluxes cause cell death with, not by, autophagy. J Neurosci 30:2177-87, 2010.

Otofagozomu in retrograde axonal transport is dependent dynein activity by (Autophagy) 2010.1.14
Katsumata K, Nishiyama J, Inoue T, Mizushima N, Takeda J, Yuzaki M. Dynein- and activity-dependent retrograde transport of autophagosomes in neuronal axons. Autophagy 6:378-385, 2010.

P2X2 purinergic receptors in the mouse retina OFF-type specific expression pathway does not require visual experience (Neurosci Res) 2010.1.1
Kaneda M, Ito K, Shigematsu Y, Shimoda Y. The OFF-pathway dominance of P2X2-purinoceptors is formed without visual experience. Neurosci Res. 66: 86-91, 2010.