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    Yuzaki Lab's (Department of Neurophysiology, Keio University School of Medicine) research theme is to elucidate "how neural activity and environmental changes induce memory and learning,、, 、and how they change the neural network itself ."。For details please Click here.
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The 156th BrainClub was held

At the 156th BrainClub、Dr., Laboratory for Learning and Memory Neural Networks, RIKEN Center for Brain Science. Joshua P. We invited Dr. Johansen (5/10)(Wed) 16:00~17:30)。The title is "Constructing Emotional Representations in the Brain"。sensory input、physiological state of the body、and the cognitive component、Mechanisms controlling memory formation via emotion、He talked about hierarchical and distributed neural network models with recent findings.。The day was held in a hybrid format, and lively discussions took place over time.。

posted on 05/10/2023 5:07 PM

Received the Naito Memorial Science Promotion Award

2022Annual (54th) Naito Memorial Prize for Science Promotionwas awarded to Yuzuzaki。3The presentation ceremony was held at the Industrial Club of Japan on the 16th of the month.。
The award-winning research theme is "Elucidation of the molecular mechanisms that control functional and structural synaptic plasticity"。Thank you to the collaborators, Yuzu Lab's colleagues and OB。

posted on 03/16/2023 2:27 PM

Okinawa Institute of Science and Technology Graduate University (OIST))Workshop "Nervous System Assembly" held at

34 days from 6th to 9th of the month、Okinawa Institute of Science and Technology Graduate University (OIST))Meeting after a long time atWorkshop “Nervous System Assembly”It has been made。Poster presentation + Flash talk by Oishi, a graduate student from Yuzaki Lab、Yuzuzaki gave a talk。Blessed with good weather, a lively discussion took place.。                                                                                       Tomi Yoshida of OIST was the organizer。

posted on 03/10/2023 10:31 PM

The 155th BrainClub was held

In the 155th BrainClub、We invited Dr. Thomas Chater from the RIKEN CBS Synaptic Plasticity and Circuit Regulation Research Team (2/15(Wed) 16:00~17:30)。The subject was "Towards a logic of homo- and heterosynaptic dynamics following plasticity」です。from recent research、A phenomenon called "Heterosynaptic plasticity" has been found in which plasticity occurs in neighboring synapses when a plasticity-inducing stimulus is applied to a specific synapse.。For Chater teacher this time、Observation of spine morphology and Ca using hippocampal slice culture and two-photon microscopy2+learned from imaging、He gave a lecture on interactions between spines that cause heterosynaptic plasticity.。Regarding the spatio-temporal control mode between synapses、A heated discussion took place, including unpublished data.。Commemorative photo @ seminar room with members of Yuzuzaki Lab after the lecture (upper photo)。In the center is Mr. Chater, the performer.。It was a raging BrainClub rush。Hope next time。(Press conference)

posted on 02/18/2023 7:58 PM

The 154th BrainClub was held

 University of California (UC Irvine, America)Dr. Kei Igarashi from、The 154th BrainClub was held (2/6(month) 17:30~19:00)。The title of the lecture was "Associative memory formation mechanism by dopamine and its failure in Alzheimer's disease"。The target is the formation and maintenance process of memory that is established based on olfactory information.、optogenetics andin vivoWe have clarified so far using electrophysiological techniques、He gave a lecture on the brain circuitry that controls memory.。Also、What kind of breakdown of brain circuit mechanism occurs in memory disorder of Alzheimer's disease?、Talk about the latest findings, including unpublished data.、A lively question-and-answer session ensued。

The above photo is a commemorative photo taken after the lecture.。In the center is Igarashi-sensei (next to Yuzuzaki-sensei)。A lot of "recruits" of Yuzuzaki Lab are also reflected。I was careless and the update didn't catch up、excuse me (interview)

posted on 02/14/2023 9:42 PM

Keio WPI Bio2Q kick-off symposium was held

On November 10, 2018, Keio University launched the World Premier International Research Center Initiative (WPI).)Adopted as a base for、2The kick-off meeting was held on March 3rd.。(Human Biology x MicroBiome x Quantum computing = Bio2Q)As、Focusing on the Microbiome、How human homeostasis is controlled by mucosal epithelium, immunity, nerves, metabolism, etc.、A 10-year project that aims to elucidate using quantum computing with AI。Under Director Honda、Yuzuzaki as the representative of the neural control team、I will also participate as a special assistant to the center director.。

posted on 02/03/2023 11:58 PM

The 153rd BrainClub was held

Welcome Dr. Ingo Greger from MRC Molecular Biology Laboratory (UK)、1The 153rd BrainClub was held on Friday, March 20th.。The title is "Mechanisms underlying AMPA receptor modulation and synaptic localization"。AMPA receptors accumulated at postsynaptic sites play a central role in fast information transmission between neurons via excitatory synapses.。For Ingo-sensei this time、Clarified using cryo-electron microscopy and electrophysiological analysis、The functional control mechanism of AMPA receptors brought about by differences in constituent subunits and auxiliary subunits、Please tell us about your latest findings.、Lively discussions took place。

The photo above is a commemorative photo taken after the lecture@Yuzaki lab seminar room。Ingo-sensei is central。Next to Yuzuzaki-sensei。The Seminar room has become beautiful Yo (Conference)

posted on 01/30/2023 9:42 PM

Selected for International Joint Research Acceleration Fund (International Leading Research)

2022JSPS International Joint Research Acceleration Fund (International Leading Research) to “Multidimensional Analysis of Memory Mechanisms”–from nm to mesoscale/millisecond to day scale”.。Bordeaux Neuroscience Institute(Dr. Choquet)、Max Planck Florida Institute(Drs. Yasuda & Fitzpatrick) and Japan.。Represented by Professor Yasunori Hayashi of Kyoto University、At domestic bases of Keio University, NIG, Niigata University, and the University of Tokyo、Next 7 years (up to 10 years)、We will work on international exchange and development of young researchers, mainly postdocs and graduate students.。

For postdocs and graduate studentsSupport for short-term and long-term study abroadPlease spread the information so that you can watch it.。AlsoSupport for young researchers when they become independentYou can do it, so please make the most of your chance.。

posted on 01/26/2023 12:12 AM

Neuro Conference Wakayama

Yuzaki gave a special lecture on January 21, 2023 at the 11th Neuro Conference Wakayama (Wakayama Medical University Kimiidera Campus)。Invited by Dr. Norimitsu Inoue, Department of Molecular Genetics, a leading expert in complement research。The photo is Professor Murai of the Department of Neurology, International University of Health and Welfare, another special lecturer.。

posted on 01/21/2023 2:28 PM

International Symposium "Molecular Physiology of Neuronal Signaling", Circuits & Behavior” held in Kyoto

Core-to-core program symposium “Molecular Physiology of Neuronal Signaling” of the core-to-core program “Research Center for Interdisciplinary Neuronal Signaling” (Doshisha University, Free University of Berlin, IST, Austria, University of Copenhagen), Circuits and Behavior” January 12-14、Yuzu gave an invited talk at Doshisha University in Kyoto。

posted on 01/17/2023 3:56 PM

US-Japan joint workshop (US-Japan brain) “Neurovascular Unit Conference 2023″It has been made

International Symposium from January 6th to January 9th, 2023 at Keio University Mita CampusNeurovascular Unit Conference 2023It has been made。Supported by the Japan-US Brain Research Cooperative Program、On the Japanese side, Prof. Hitoshi Nakahara, Department of Neurology, Keio University、On the US side, Mr. Ken Arai from MGH was the organizer.。Yuzuzaki gave a keynote speech。

posted on 01/10/2023 10:40 PM

The 152nd BrainClub was held!

Dr. Teruhiro Okuyama of the Institute for Quantitative Life Sciences, The University of Tokyo, visited us.、The 152nd BrainClub was held (12/23(Fri) 16:00~17:30)。The title of his presentation was "Neural Mechanisms of Social Memory in the Hippocampus"。How "social memory" is processed as information in the ventral hippocampus、Obtained using calcium imaging and optogenetics、He gave a lecture on the results of his research to date.。In addition, please introduce the latest data on the brain representation mechanism of life and death.、It was a lively time for discussion from beginning to end.、I thought it was good too.)。

The photo above is the usual after the lecture、Commemorative photo while holding my breath @Yuzuzaki Laboratory。Okuyama-sensei is next to Yuzuzaki-sensei.。I'll do my best to clean up~ Aye oh…(Press conference)

posted on 12/26/2022 11:15 PM