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    Yuzaki Lab's (Department of Neurophysiology, Keio University School of Medicine) research theme is to elucidate "how neural activity and environmental changes induce memory and learning,、, 、and how they change the neural network itself ."。For details please Click here.
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Top News

The results of joint research with Hoshino Lab were published in Nat Commun

in the central nervous system、Astrocytes clear glutamate from the synaptic cleft.、Achieves proper synaptic function。However、How does the astrocytic glutamate transporter GLAST function around synapses?、it was still unclear。In this paper、Cell adhesion molecule (DSCAM) expressed in Purkinje cells、By controlling the localization of GLAST expressed in Bergmann glia、Climbing fibers were shown to be involved in Purkinje cell synapse formation and cerebellar motor learning.。This is a huge amount of work done by Mr. Dewa of Hoshino Lab.。For the Yuzaki lab, Kakegawa was in charge of electrophysiological analysis and eye movement learning test.。Nat Commun. 15:458, 2024.

posted on 02/03/2024 10:52 AM

The results of joint research with Hamachi Lab have been published in PNAS

How to covalently chemically label proteins without genetic manipulation、A powerful method for analyzing receptors。However、Selective target receptor labeling in the brain has not yet been established。there、In this research led by Mr. Nonaka of Kyoto University's Hamachi Laboratory,、using ligand-directed chemical reactions、We show that synthetic probes can selectively bind to target endogenous receptors in the brain of living mice。Kakegawa of Yuzaki Lab、As part of the joint research between CREST and ERATO, Arai、In this study, we showed that chemical labeling does not change receptor function.。Proc Natl Acad Sci USA. 121:e2313887121, 2024

posted on 01/31/2024 10:22 AM

Research Highlight has been published in Cell Research

GABA acts as a ligand for GluD1、A paper by Pierre Paoletti, Radu Aricescu et al. that reported that it promotes long-term potentiation of inhibitory synapses.(Science 2023)Mr. Ito wrote an explanatory article, Research Highlight, about (Ito and Yuzaki, Cell Research)。

posted on 01/24/2024 11:33 AM

Gave a lecture at the University of Bergen

Sponsored by Dept Biomedicine at the University of Bergen, NorwayAt BBB Seminar、Yuzaki gives a lectureThe we。It's a polar night and there's almost no daylight.、It was a rare heavy snow day even in Bergen, but we enjoyed a lively discussion.。

posted on 01/18/2024 10:19 AM

Brain Club was held with Dr. Keiko Muguruma.

The 162nd Brain Club welcomed Dr. Keiko Muguruma (Kansai Medical University School of Medicine)。The title of the presentation is "Brain development and disease research using pluripotent stem cells"。Please explain the development of technology for differentiating brain tissue from ES cells and iPS cells, which is rooted in developmental biology research, with historical considerations in mind.、Finally, he talked about the current status and prospects of application to disease research.。Along with the importance of brain embryology research、We learned about the difficulty and fun of creating brain tissue from human-derived iPS cells, which take time for brain development.。

posted on 11/30/2023 6:53 PM

Brain Club was held with Dr. Takero Saneyoshi.

The 161st Brain Club welcomed Dr. Takero Saneyoshi (Kyoto University)。The title of the presentation was ``Cofilin inside the dendritic spine exhibits molecular activity through liquid-liquid phase separation."forming a sexual gradient"。Long-term potentiation (LTP) is considered a fundamental process of memory learning.) paper、Structural changes occur in which dendritic spines become larger over time, but the mechanism was not fully understood.。Dr. Saneyoshi found that the temporarily increased Ca concentration within the spine、Continuously activates calmodulin kinase (CaMKII) and its downstream enzymes.、As a result, the mechanism that changes the actin skeleton has been successfully clarified.。We all listened with great interest.。

posted on 11/29/2023 6:45 PM

Received the Medal with Purple Ribbon

Yuzaki will enjoy the honor of receiving the Medal with Purple Ribbon in the fall of 2023.。The Purple Ribbon Medal、Inventions and discoveries in the fields of science and technology、This is a badge of honor given by the country to people who have made outstanding achievements in academics, sports, and the arts.。The transmission ceremony and audience were held on November 13th.。The photo shows Machi Tawara representing the recipients at the ceremony.。This award was given in recognition of my achievements in the field of neuroscience.、of course、I would like to thank all the staff, postdocs, graduate students, technicians, secretaries, and many co-researchers who have worked with me thus far.。I am grateful for the congratulatory telegrams and emails I received from many people.。

posted on 11/03/2023 4:12 PM

I gave two lectures in Singapore.

10Held in Singapore on March 30th-31st、”A symposium on Neuroscience of Dementia“attended、Yuzaki gave a Keynote lecture。Another Keynote lecturer was Professor Hee-Sup Shin from South Korea.。This symposium is a group study similar to AMED in Japan.、It was the culmination of five and a half years of major grant research into dementia led by Professor George Augustine of Lee Kong Chian School of Medicine.。Additionally, on October 31st, Duke-NUS (National University of Sigapore)、We held a seminar。This was at the invitation of Mr. Nishiyama, who graduated from Yuzaki Lab and is independent at Duke=NUS (Photos here)。

posted on 11/01/2023 2:29 PM

Elected as a member of the Science Council of Japan

26th-27th members of the Science Council of Japan(Part 2:Yuzaki was selected for Life Science)、10on the 2nd of the month、The appointment ceremony was held at the Prime Minister's Office.。6with a yearly term、Serve as vice chair of the 25th Basic Medical Science Committee。

posted on 10/02/2023 7:16 PM

The 5th UK-Japan Neuroscience Symposium was held

The 5th UK-Japan Neuroscience Symposium was held in Wales, UK from August 31st to September 2nd.。Oral presentation by Mr. Shiozaki, a graduate student from Yuzaki Lab、Takasugi gave a poster presentation。Takasugi-kun was selected for the excellent poster award。Congrats!!It will be announced as an invitation to the next 6th Symposium as a prize.。In addition、Because Mr. Shiozaki was selected for the excellent poster award at the 4th UK-Japan Neuroscience Symposium、This time it was an oral invitation announcement.。This is a great achievement for the second consecutive year from Yuzaki Lab.。

posted on 09/06/2023 1:46 PM

The 160th Brain Club was held with Dr. Teruyoshi Nakagawa.

The 160th Brain Club welcomed Dr. Teruyoshi Nakagawa (Vanderbilt University), who was temporarily returning to Japan.。The title is "Visualizing putative ions and water molecules in the ion conduction path of the AMPA receptor"。AMPA receptors are responsible for rapid excitatory transmission in the central nervous system、Elucidation of its structure and function is an important theme that expands the possibility of clinical application as well as basic science.。Dr. Nakagawa uses cryo-EM to、2.3Ca by resolution reaching Å2+The structure of transmissive AMPA receptor has been clarified。Interestingly, when a highly conserved gate (SYTANLAAF) in the AMPA receptor opens upon channel opening,、Ca in the same area2+you have told me to join。Probably Na+Along with inhibiting the influx of other ions such as、efficient Ca2+It is considered a mechanism for achieving transparency.、We all listened with great interest.。

posted on 08/31/2023 9:15 PM

The 159th Brain Club was held with Dr. Mototaka Suzuki

The 159th Brain Club was held on August 10th with Dr. Mototaka Suzuki from the University of Amsterdam。Subject: General anesthesia decouples cortical pyramidal neurons: it's an update。Face-to-face only、And I was worried that there would be few people because it was during the summer vacation.、Many people participated and had lively discussions.。(I missed the timing to take a picture, so only some people are in the picture)。

posted on 08/10/2023 11:01 AM