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    Yuzaki Lab's (Department of Neurophysiology, Keio University School of Medicine) research theme is to elucidate "how neural activity and environmental changes induce memory and learning,、, 、and how they change the neural network itself ."。For details please Click here.
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1985  Graduated from Jichi Medical School, Tochigi, Japan (M.D.)
1985-1989  Osaka Prefectural Medical Center, Osaka Prefecture Health Department
1989-1993  Obtained a Ph.D. from Jichi Medical School, Tochigi, Japan
1992-1993  JSPS Research Fellow
1993-1995  Roche Institute of Molecular Biology, USA (HFSP Long-term fellow)
1995-2002  Assistant Professor, St. Jude Children's Research Hospital, Memphis, TN, USA
2002-2003  Associate Professor, St. Jude Children's Research Hospital, Memphis, TN, USA
2003-  Professor, Dept of Neurophysiology, School of Medicine, Keio University, Japan
2021-  Dean, Keio University Graduate School of Medicine

Degree qualification

1983  Computer engineer qualification
1985  Medical license from Japan
1985  ECFMG (foreign medical graduates certification, USA)
1993  MD (Jichi Medical School, Tochigi, Japan)

Major research areas

Synaptic plasticity and synapse formation as a memory and learning infrastructure in the central nervous system


Synaptic plasticity、Synapse formation、Glutamate receptors、Complement family

Extramural activities and Academic services

Physiological Society of Japan

  • Councilors (2003–)
  • Secretary General (2008–18)
  • Terminology Committee, Chair (2008–14; On behalf of the members of the 2015-)
  • Academic Committee, Member (2008–16)
  • Chairman of the committee recommended times (2018–20)
  • FAOPS2019 Organizing Committee, Program Committee Vice Chairman (2014–20)

Japan Neuroscience Society

  • Website Committee, Chair (2006–10)
  • Information Infrastructure Committee, Chair (2009–16)、He learned to study the system even carry Committee (chairman) (2017–)
  • Director (2008–)、 Deputy general affairs director (2011–13)、Public Relations Director (2014–16)
  • 38th General Assembly length(2015)
  • Chairman (2020–)


  • Councilors (2012–)、Future vision committee (2014-、Chairman 2017-18)

· Institute for Physiological research institutions Zirankexue

  • Steering Committee meeting (2016–)

Science Council of Japan

  • Cooperation member (2017-)、Neuroscience Subcommittee (vice chairman 2017-)、Function of Medical Science Subcommittee (vice chairman 2017-)

Society for Neuroscience

  • Regular Member (1995–)

Ministry of Education

  • Program Officer for Brain Science Program Strategic Research Programme (2010–16)
  • University Establishment Subcommittee Subcommittee (2014–17)
  • University Establishment Subcommittee Site Planning implementation status, etc. investigation committee (2017–18)
  • Young Scientist Award Review Subcommittee (2017–)

Japan Society for the Promotion of Science (JSPS

  • Research review committee fees (especially to promote the base plate · · research activities center have Suites · international support joint research accelerated)


  • Brain Science Strategic Research program program supervisor (2016–)

Japan Science and Technology Agency(Updated on SeptemberJST)

  • Strategic Research Programs (PRESTO) Advisers (2009-15)

Private foundations (Jury)

  • NaruShigeru neuroscience Grants Fund、TokiMinoru Toshihiko Memorial Brain Research Grants Fund、The Naito Foundation、Novartis Science Foundation、Toyobo Biotechnology Foundation, etc.

Academic journal

  • Cerebellum Editorial board (2006–)
  • Frontiers in Molecular Neuroscience Review Editor (2008–)
  • European Journal of Neuroscience Contributing Editor (2008–)
  • Neuroscience Research Editorial board (2009–)
  • Journal of Physiology Editor (2015–2021)

Social Contribution Activities

  • Certified NPO corporation Urizun (home pediatric) director (2012-)
  • Certified NPO corporation Survival net Life Supporting Member (2012-)
  • Meeting to support the certification NPO corporation remote place medical care of Zambia supporting member (2014-)
  • Century Promotion Council a full member of the NPO brain (2015-)

Representative papers

  • Nozawa K, Sogabe T, Hayashi A., Motohashi J, Miura E, Arai I, Them so M *. In vivo nanoscopic landscape of neurexin ligands underlying anterograde synapse specification. Neuron., 110:3168-3185, 2022.
  • Ojima K, Kakegawa W, Yamasaki T, Miura Y, Itoh M, Michibata Y, Kubota R, Doura T, Miura E, Nonaka H, Mizuno S, Takahashi S, Them so M *, Hamachi I *, Kiyonaka S* Coordination chemogenetics for activation of GPCR-type glutamate receptors in brain tissue. Nat Commun 13: 3167 (2022). (*Co-corresponding authors)
  • Suzuki K†, Elegheert J †, Song I†, Sasakura H †, Senkov O, Matsuda K, Kakegawa W, Clayton AJ, Chang VT, Ferrer Ferrer M, Miura E, Kaushik R,Ikeno M, And Morioka, Takeuchi Y, Shimada T, Otsuka S, Stoyanov S, Watanabe M, Takeuchi K, Dityatev A*, Aricescu AR *, Yuzaki M ** . A synthetic synaptic organizer protein restores glutamatergic neuronal circuits. Science 369:eabb4853, 2020. (†Co-first, *Co-corresponding, **Lead author)
  • Ibata K, Kono M, Narumi S, Motohashi J, Kakegawa W, Kohda K, Yuzaki M. Activity-dependent secretion of synaptic organizer Cbln1 from lysosomes in granule cell axons. Neuron., 102:1184-1198, 2019.
  • Kakegawa W, Katoh A, Narumi S, Miura E, Motohashi J, Takahashi A, Kohda K, Fukazawa Y, Yuzaki M **, Matsuda S*. Optogenetic Control of Synaptic AMPA Receptor Endocytosis Reveals Roles of LTD in Motor Learning.Neuron. 99:985-998, 2018. (*Co-corresponding authors; **Lead author).
  • Elegheert J, Kakegawa W, clay, Shanks N, Behiels e, Matsuda K, Kohda K, Miura E, Rossmann M, Mitakidis N, Motohashi J, Chang VT, Siebold C, Greger IH, Nakagawa T, Them so M *, Aricescu AR *. Structural basis for integration of GluD receptors within synaptic organizer complexes. Science, 353:295-299, 2016. (*co-corresponding author).
  • Kiyonaka S, Kubota R, Michibata Y, Sakakura M, Takahashi H, Numata T, Inoue R, Yuzaki M, Hamachi I. Allosteric activation of membrane-bound glutamate receptors using coordination chemistry within living cells. Nature Chemistry, 8 :958-967, 2016.
  • Matsuda K, Budisantoso T, Mitakidis N, Sugaya Y, Miura E, Kakegawa W, Yamasaki M, Konno K, Uchigashima M, Abe M, Watanabe I, Kano M, Watanabe M, Sakimura K, Aricescu AR, Yuzaki M. Trans-synaptic modulation of kainate receptor functions by C1q-like proteins. Neuron., 90:752-767, 2016.
  • Kakegawa W, Mitakidis N, Miura E, Abe M, Matsuda K, Takeo YH, Kohda K, Motohashi J, Takahashi A, Nagao S, Muramatsu SI, Watanabe M, Sakimura K, Aricescu AR, Yuzaki M. Anterograde C1ql1 signaling is required in order to determine and maintain a single-winner climbing fiber in the mouse cerebellum. Neuron., 85:316-329, 2015.
  •  Matsuda S, Kakegawa W, Budisantoso T, Nomura T, Kohda K, Yuzaki M. Stargazin regulates AMPA receptor trafficking through adaptor protein complexes during long-term depression. Nature Commun. 4:2759, 2013.
  • Ito-Ishida A, Miyazaki T, Miura E, Matsuda K, Watanabe M, Them so M *, Okabe S*. Presynaptically released Cbln1 induces dynamic axonal structural changes by interacting with GluD2 during cerebellar synapse formation.Neuron., 76:549-564, 2012. (*co-corresponding author).
  • Unokai T,  Matsuda S, Kakegawa W, UT, Kohda K, Suzuki A, Funakoshi Y, Hasegawa H, Them so M *, Kanaho Y. NMDA receptor-mediated PIP5K activation to produce PI(4,5)P2 is essential for AMPA receptor endocytosis during LTD.Neuron.,  73: 135-148, 2012. (*co-corresponding author)
  • Kakegawa W, Miyoshi Y, Hamase, C, Matsuda S, Matsuda K, Kohda K, Emi K, Motohashi J, Konno R, The Zaitsu, Yuzaki M. D-Serine regulates cerebellar LTD and motor coordination through the delta2 glutamate receptor.Nature Neurosci., 14: 603-611, 2011.
  • With Jitsuki, Takemoto K, Kawasaki T, Then H, Takahashi A, Becamel C, Sano A, Yuzaki M, Zukin RS, Ziff EB, Kessels HW, Takahashi T. Serotonin mediates cross-modal reorganization of cortical circuits.Neuron., 69: 780-92, 2011.
  • Matsuda K, Miura E, Miyzaki T, Kakegawa W, Emi K, Narumi S, Fukazawa Y, Ito-Ishida A, Kondo T, Shigemoto R, Watanabe M, Yuzaki M. Cbln1 is a ligand for an orphan glutamate receptor δ2, a bidirectional synapse organizer.Science, 328: 363-368, 2010.
  • Matsuda S, Miura E, Matsuda K, Kakegawa W, Kohda K, Watanabe M, Yuzaki M. Accumulation of AMPA Receptors in Autophagosomes in Neuronal Axons Lacking Adaptor Protein AP-4.Neuron., 57: 1-16, 2008.
  • Hirai H, Pang Z, Bao D, Miyazaki T, Li L, Miura E, Parris J, Rong Y, Watanabe W, Them so M *, Morgan JI. Cbln1 is essential for synaptic integrity and plasticity in the cerebellum.Nature Neurosci., 8: 1534-1541, 2005. (*co-corresponding author)
  • Hirai H, Launey T, Mikawa S, Torashima T, Yanagihara D, Kasaura T, Miyamoto A, Yuzaki M. New role of δ2-glutamate receptors in AMPA receptor trafficking and cerebellar function.Nature Neurosci., 6: 869-876, 2003.
  • Kohda K, Wang Y, Yuzaki M. Mutation of a glutamate receptor motif reveals its role in gating and δ2 receptor channel properties.Nature Neurosci., 3: 315-322, 2000.
  • Yuzaki M, Forrest D, Curran T, Connor JA. Selective activation of calcium permeability by aspartate in Purkinje cells.Science, 273: 1112-1114, 1996.
  • Forrest D, Yuzaki M, HD Smith, Ng L, Close DC, Sheng M, Stewart CL, Morgan JI, Connor JA, Curran T. Targeted disruption of NMDA receptor 1 gene abolishes NMDA response and results in neonatal death.Neuron., 13: 325-338, 1994.
  • Miyazaki S, Yuzaki M, Nakada K, Shirakawa H, Nakanishi S, Nakade S, Mikoshiba K. Block of Ca2+ wave and Ca2+ oscillation by antibody to the inositol 1,4,5-trisphosphate receptor in fertilized hamster eggs.Science, 257: 251-255, 1992.