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LGI1 is secreted from axons during neural activity

A paper co-authored with Jaime de Juan-Sanz of the Sorbonne University in France was published.Published in Cell Reportsit was done。LGI1, like Cbln1, is a synaptogenic molecule that belongs to the class of "extracellular scaffold proteins."。On this occasion、Like Cbln1, LGI1 is also secreted in response to neural activity and promotes synapse formation.、It was also found that it suppresses glutamate release.。Interestingly, Cbln1 is tetanus toxin (TeNT)(VAMP1-3 independent)、Secreted by Syntaxin-4 and SNAP49-dependent SNAREs。In contrast, LGI1 secretion was partially inhibited by TeNT.、Because it does not depend on SNAP29、found to be released by separate SNARE complexes。Yuzaki Lab provided analysis technology for the SNARE complex developed by Ibata。

05/10/2024 12:58 AM | What's New