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    Yuzaki Lab's (Department of Neurophysiology, Keio University School of Medicine) research theme is to elucidate "how neural activity and environmental changes induce memory and learning,、, 、and how they change the neural network itself ."。For details please Click here.
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Hyaluronic acid synthesis in glial cells control the localization and activity of glutamate transporter(J Neurochem)2019.6.12
Hayashi MK, Nishioka T, Shimizu H, Takahashi K, Kakegawa W, Mikami T, Hirayama Y, Koizumi S, Yoshida S, Yuzaki M, In January M, And Sekino, Kaibuchi K, Shigemoto-Mogami Y, Yasui M, Sato K. Hyaluronan synthesis supports glutamate transporter activity.J Neurochem, 150:249-263, 2019.
Utsura the Mariko Hayashi teacher of paper to International University of Health and Welfare has been published in J Neurochem。

The number of cerebellum synapse is reduced in EFA6C-deficient mice is the GEF of Arf6(PLoS One)2019.5.10
Saegusa S, Fukaya M, Kakegawa W, Tanaka M, Katsumata O, Sugawara T, Hara Y, Itakura M, Okubo T, Sato T, Yuzaki M, Sakagami H. Mice lacking EFA6C/Psd2, a guanine nucleotide exchange factor for Arf6, exhibit lower Purkinje cell synaptic density but normal cerebellar motor functions..  Sci Rep, 14:e0216960, 2019.
Kitasato University School of Medicine Yoko Sakagami laboratory of paper has been published in PLoS One。In yuzu Saki Labs Kakegawa Watarujun professor gave cerebellar motor learning the (OKR)。

Synaptogenesis molecule Cbln1 is secreted from the lysosomes of neuronal activity-dependent manner granule cell axons(Neuron)2019.5.7
Ibata K, Kono M, Narumi S, Motohashi J, Kakegawa W, Kohda K, Yuzaki M. Activity-dependent secretion of synaptic organizer Cbln1 from lysosomes in granule cell axons. Neuron. 102:1184-1198, 2019.
Lysosomes is、A cell organelles with enzymes that break down proteins、It plays a decomposition of no longer needed intracellular protein。Protein Cbln1 with new produce work the synapse by the present study was found to be present in the lysosome in the axons of nerve cells。Also, when the neural activity is enhanced、The contents of the lysosomes from axons that (a proteolytic enzyme and Cbln1) are both secreted out of the cells was found for the first time。From these experimental results、Proteolytic enzyme by disruption of the extracellular environment (scrap) and synapse formation by Cbln1 (build) is、By working in concert、Possibility that the restructuring takes place in the synapse in response to neural activity is suggested。Synaptic reorganization is an entity of memory and learning、The failure have been reported in a number of mental illnesses and neurodevelopmental disorder、The results of this research are expected to lead to the development of understanding and new treatments for the normal development mechanism and these conditions。

The difference of movement of microglia by revealed by anesthetic by in vivo2 photon microscope(Front Neurosci)2019.5.7
Sun W, Suzuki K, Toptunov D, Stoyanov S, Yuzaki M, Khiroug L, Dityatev A. In vivo Two-Photon Imaging of Anesthesia-Specific Alterations in Microglial Surveillance and Photodamage-Directed Motility in Mouse Cortex. Front Neurosci, 13:421, 2019.
As part of its international activities support business Young Glia of the new academic area (glial assembly) is the result of joint research with Alexander Ditytatev Institute of Germany DZNE。Suzuki KuniMichisuke Professor (Adjunct) is a co-first author。Congratulations!。

PhotonSABER isin vivoShed light on the role of the learning mechanism and endocytosis in(Commun Integr Biol)2019.3.16
Matsuda S, Kakegawa W, Yuzaki M. PhotonSABER: new tool shedding light on endocytosis and learning mechanisms in vivo. Commun Integr Biol. 12:34-37, 2019.
which underlies long-term depression (LTD)Endocytosis of AMPA receptors, which is considered a basic phenomenon of can be controlled by light is a review of the "PhotonSABER"。

Membrane lipid PIP3 binding protein Phldb2 is essential for LTP via glutamate receptor trafficking control(Scientific Reports)2019.3.14
Xie M-J, Ishikawa Y, Yagi H, Iguchi T, OK, Kuroda K, Iwata K, Kiyonari H, Matsuda S, Matsuzaki H, Yuzaki M, Fukazawa Y, Sato M. PIP3-Phldb2 is crucial for LTP regulating synaptic NMDA and AMPA receptor density and PSD95 turnover.  Sci Rep, 9:4305, 2019
Thesis of Osaka University Medical School Shin Sato laboratory has been published in Scientific Report。Yuzu In Saki Research Matsuda Shinnanji (now UEC) has the help of LTP model at the cellular level。Is a tour de force about the Xie's lead author。Congratulations!。