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    Yuzaki Lab's (Department of Neurophysiology, Keio University School of Medicine) research theme is to elucidate "how neural activity and environmental changes induce memory and learning,、, 、and how they change the neural network itself ."。For details please Click here.
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  ● Biography

1985Years   Jichi Medical University School of Medicine after graduation、Osakafuritsubyoin training at the (now Osaka Prefectural acute-General Medical Center)
1987Years Suita Public Health Center
1992Years JSPS Research Fellow
1993Years Jichi Medical School graduate doctoral graduates。US Roche Molecular Biology Laboratory study abroad
1995Years Department of Developmental Neurobiology Beikoku St. Jude Children's Research Hospital Assistant Professor
2002Years 同 部门 Associate Professor
2003Years Professor, Department of Physiology, Keio University School of Medicine



We are now、Higher-order mental phenomenon human beings is the reason why a human being、We are working on day-to-day research especially aimed at elucidation of memory and learning courses。Although we were able to raise a number of achievements Fortunately、It is in a variety of environments in which I myself have been placed so far、I always think that has sought to do my best and was one of the main reasons。

Since I was an undergraduate lab

I repeatedly hospitalized suffering from hepatitis B at the time of the high school one year、Hospitalization period has been forced to repeat a year in order lasted a total of 9 months。Is in the hospital was just lying on the only bed except to receive an infusion of 2 times a day。
Such folding、I read a book of Ikemi ToriJiro teacher of the famous original Kyushu University professor as Psychosomatic Medicine。Nitsuke see people in the same way as I repeat hospitalized、Certainly man is in the presence of mind and body oneness、I think that also in mind does not mean that was really the treatment as long as it does not approach、Now acutely I hope so want to be in Psychosomatic Medicine。
The biggest reason advanced to Jichi Medical School is、Even if ultimately aspire to Psychosomatic Medicine、First, go to the front line of the day-to-day clinical、Because we would like to pile the clinical experience for a variety of diseases。As we advance the study of counseling and psychosomatic medicine at the University of、Rather than dealing with the brain as a black box、To think and want to understand the actual situation of the more mental activity、3We started to learn out and electrophysiology to Department of Physiology from the time of the year。In the case of Jichi Medical School、9 years after graduation、Remote areas of the former State、Since there is a medical obligations remote island、In particular, the laboratory of the basic system is less classroom employees、It was important to take care。
After graduation、Osakafuritsubyoin after internal medicine training at the (now Osaka acute-General Medical Center)、You will be working in Suita health center。In Osaka, this is my hometown、For remote areas and islands are not、Those of internal medicine system is because were instructed to proceed to the field of public health。

  Precisely、In Osaka Prefecture was When I started working in the business of establishing a patient meeting of incurable diseases in health center units。I also or visit your home patients by bicycle along with public health nurses、Or consulted、1 month back、The work, such as or held a meeting for the study and fellowship did it in very hard。Also intolerable thing in each and every、Or consult with patient groups、Or each other encouragement to each other、By or the information exchange、It becomes emotional support。I realized that I wish something to work is really wonderful "dynamics"、Rewarding was also felt。
On the other hand、Since there was no not engaged in direct care、I had also felt a certain limit。At such times、Since we got the invitation that it might come back from Jichi Medical School、We decided to become indebted as a graduate student of the Department of Biochemistry。that time、It is a good memories of who open a farewell party in patient groups of everyone。a_p2a_p1

Others 1 マ イ ル の ま で first

I did a study of mitochondrial brain muscle disease under the Yasuo Kagawa professor of biochemistry classroom。Then、There is also a recommendation of Kagawa teacher、Now that I am allowed to domestic study abroad at the Katsuhiko Mikoshiba professor of the Institute for Protein Research, Osaka University。Mikoshiba Kende is、Although we worked to work to elucidate the Ca store of the control mechanism of the nerve cells、gradually、Now hard to suppress the feeling that you want to try yourself to study abroad。
In the nerve cells、Nerve spines at the tip portion of the dendrite、It plays an important role in memory formation。at that time、The first time in the world has succeeded in Ca imaging in nerve thorn、John A. I wrote a letter to the laboratory of Connor teacher。Fortunately Human Frontier Science Program of the will to earn the scholarship、My wife and 2-year-old、4Along with the age of the children it was decided to study in the United States, New Jersey。

  Narrow at the time of residence、In addition or scold the children running around doing attention to the downstairs、Such as or went to the launderette also over a period of about 10 minutes in the bitter cold、It seems to have been equivalent to tight life to wife。
I myself also、The first of more than a year in research does not include noticeable results、I was worried that it would be not suitable for research。American researchers colleague was just impatient to see that the paper to go back on time is going to be posted。
One day、In successful towards immigrants radio in the United States、I heard that the "I'm always one mile go to extra than others (Go an extra mile) efforts as" talking with。Nor it is impossible to continue to work twice as others、1I think I can do miles、I Fukkire。To us is a foreigner in the United States is recognized、It will be a matter of course to effort than Americans。

Before the truth の に を し て sea

2When the student life was scheduled in the year ends、From Tom Curran teacher who was joint research、I was invited or not comes as Assistant Professor in the neurobiology department, which is new to the St. Jude Children's Research Hospital。This hospital is the largest of childhood leukemia specialized research facilities in the United States in the Tennessee、from now on、This department is established in order to focus on the nervous system intractable disease、It was that with him is appointed as head of department。After a few months、While holding a hope and anxiety and a sense of responsibility、From New Jersey to Tennessee、We moved through the snowy put four people family in a small car。
And become Assistant Professor、Has a completely independent his laboratory was、Also it ensures the laboratory set-up and labor costs and research expenses。This openness is great、It launched one after another the research that has been wanting to do until now。
However、Everything does not have the only sweet talk。But so it is most of the university、The Assistant Professor at St. Jude Children's Research Hospital there is a qualifying examination every three years。Judging Criteria Although there are various、It is essential to have taken at least research expenses of the US National Institutes of Health (NIH)。However, the adoption rate of this research expenses、In my field there at the time a little less than 10%、Fledgling researchers was also a situation that even veteran researchers are reviewed without distinction。

  Including an ambitious project、There is also a fault that was too spread out hand、The first few years can not be acquired research expenses do not appear even paper、It was a very painful thought。The project、Than to begin、That we need a decision and courage who to withdraw。
Of glutamate receptors play a major role in communication between nerve cells、δ2 type of function is not well understood。However、Cerebellar ataxia will develop in mice lead to δ2 type mutation of。We、This mutation has changed in small projects that focus on the impact on the type δ2。If the experimental results obtained will consider the particulars、It can be seen that a lot of surprising、Research to an unexpected direction is developed、And report the results to the prestigious journals such as Science and Nature Neuroscience、He was promoted to Associate Professor。
The young researchers of everyone、Even if there is dissatisfaction with the lot of status quo、It is recommended that you do the best in the first given environment。I think always a way to come open from there。Also、Without a project Furikabu' to Daijodan、It performs a carefully experiment、By The results are candid observation、Not unexpected expected、While there may be obtained research results that are worldwide attention。We、Before the truth の に を し て sea、You do not just children playing picking up shellfish on the beach。(talk)