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    Yuzaki Lab's (Department of Neurophysiology, Keio University School of Medicine) research theme is to elucidate "how neural activity and environmental changes induce memory and learning,、, 、and how they change the neural network itself ."。For details please Click here.
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2024. 5. 13 Journal club (Arai)

Neuron.. 2024 Apr 26:S0896-6273(24)00248-4. doi: 10.1016/j.neuron.2024.04.010.

ASH1L haploinsufficiency results in autistic-like phenotypes in mice and links Eph receptor gene to autism spectrum disorder.

Specialized connectivity of molecular layer interneuron subtypes leads to disinhibition and synchronous inhibition of cerebellar Purkinje cells

Elizabeth P Lackey, Luis Moreira, Aliya Norton, Marie E Hemelt, Tomas Osorno, Tri M Nguyen, Evan From Macosko, Wei-Chung Allen Lee, Court A Hull, Wade G Regehr

PMID: 38692278

05/13/2024 11:00 AM | Journal Club