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2020/3/16 Journal Club (Motohashi)

Sci Rep. 2019 Aug 9;9(1):11571. doi: 10.1038/s41598-019-47964-1.

Efficient derivation of knock-out and knock-in rats using embryos obtained by in vitro fertilization.

posted on 03/14/2020 3:21 PM

2019/02/04 Journal Club (Motohashi)

Front. Behav. Neurosci., 14 June 2010 |
Naoki Matsuo, Keizo Takao, Kazuo Nakanishi, Nobuyuki Yamasaki, Koichi Tanda and Tsuyoshi Miyakawa

posted on 02/04/2019 10:20 AM

2018/2/19 Jornal Club (Motohashi)

Etsuo A. Susaki, Hideki Ukai and Hiroki R. Ueda
npj Systems Biology and Applications (2017) 3:15 ; doi:10.1038/s41540-017-0015-2

posted on 02/16/2018 5:55 PM

1/16/2017 Jurnal Club (Motohashi)

Jeffrey D Martell, Masahito Yamagata, Thomas J Deerinck, Sébastien Phan, Carolyn G Kwa, Mark H Ellisman, Joshua R Sanes & Alice Y Ting

A split horseradish peroxidase for the detection of intercellular protein–protein interactions and sensitive visualization of synapses

Nature Biotechnology34,774–780(2016)doi:10.1038/nbt.3563

posted on 01/12/2017 10:51 AM

2016.04.04 Jurnal Club (motohashi)

BIOLOGY OF REPRODUCTION (2016) 94(1):21, 1–8   DOI 10.1095/biolreprod.115.134023

High-Yield Superovulation in Adult Mice by Anti-Inhibin Serum Treatment Combined
with Estrous Cycle Synchronization

Ayumi Hasegawa, Keiji Mochida, Hiroki Inoue, Yoshihiro Noda, Tamao Endo,Gen Watanabe, and Atsuo Ogura


posted on 03/30/2016 7:21 PM

2015.6.1 Jurnal club (Motohashi)

Dan Zhu et al.   J Clin Invest. 2015 Apr;125(4):1497-508.

BAI1 regulates spatial learning and synaptic plasticity in the hippocampus.

posted on 06/01/2015 10:28 AM

2014/5/26 本橋

olfactory exposure to males, including men, causes stress and related analgesia in rodents

Nature Methods (2014) doi:10.1038/nmeth.2935

posted on 05/25/2014 3:53 PM

2013/3/4 本橋

Effects of Climbing Fiber Driven Inhibition on Purkinje Neuron Spiking

The Journal of Neuroscience, December 12, 2012 32(50):17988–17997

Paul J. Mathews, Ka Hung Lee, Zechun Peng, Carolyn R. Houser, and Thomas S. Otis


posted on 03/04/2013 12:47 AM

2012年7月9日 (本橋)

Reduced Glutathione Enhances Fertility of Frozen/Thawed C57BL/6 Mouse Sperm after Exposure to Methyl-Beta-Cyclodextrin
Toru Takeo and Naomi Nakagata

BIOLOGY OF REPRODUCTION 85, 1066–1072 (2011)

posted on 07/09/2012 10:31 AM

2012年2月13日 (本橋)

A role for mDia, a Rho-regulated actin nucleator, in tangential migration of interneuron precursors

Nature Neuroscience Advance online publication

posted on 02/10/2012 6:21 PM

2011年8月29日 (本橋)

Autism-linked neuroligin-3 R451C mutation differentially alters hippocampal and cortical synaptic function.

Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A. 2011 Aug 16;108(33):13764-9

posted on 08/27/2011 12:50 PM