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2020/6/22 Journal Club (Miura)

Ultrastructure of the axonal periodic scaffold reveals a braid-like organization of actin rings

Stéphane Vassilopoulos, Solène Gibaud, Angélique Jimenez, Ghislaine Caillol & Christophe Leterrier
Nature Communications volume 10, Article number: 5803 (2019) Cite this article

posted on 06/18/2020 11:28 AM

2019/7/8 Journal Club (Miura)

In vivo evidence for dysregulation of mGluR5 as a biomarker of suicidal ideation

Margaret T. Davis, Ansel Hillmer, Sophie E. Holmes, Robert H. Pietrzak, Nicole DellaGioia, Nabeel Nabulsi, David Matuskey, Gustavo A. Angarita, Richard E. Carson, John H. Krystal, and Irina Esterlis

PNAS June 4, 2019 116 (23) 11490-11495

posted on 07/05/2019 9:39 PM

2018/6/4 Journal Club (Miura)

Single-cell bioluminescence imaging of deep tissue in freely moving animals

Iwano et al.

Science 359, 935-939 (2018)



posted on 06/01/2018 7:42 PM

2017/7/10 Journal Club (Miura)

Contacts between the endoplasmic reticulum and other membranes in neurons.

PNAS 2017 114 (24) E4859E4867published ahead of print May 30, 2017doi:10.1073/pnas.1701078114

posted on 07/10/2017 10:03 AM

8/1/2016 Journal Club (Miura)

Architecture of fully occupied GluA2 AMPA receptor–TARP complex elucidated by cryo-EM

Yan Zhao, Shanshuang Chen, Craig Yoshioka, Isabelle Baconguis & Eric Gouaux

Nature (2016) doi:10.1038/nature18961



Elucidation of AMPA receptor–stargazin complexes by cryo–electron microscopy

Edward C. Twomey1,2, Maria V. Yelshanskaya1, Robert A. Grassucci1,4, Joachim Frank1,3,4,*, Alexander I. Sobolevsky1,*

Science 01 Jul 2016: Vol. 353, Issue 6294, pp. 83-86

posted on 07/29/2016 12:18 PM

20151109 Journal Club(三浦)

Glia-derived neurons are required for sex-specific learning in C. elegans

Michele Sammut1 , Steven J. Cook2 , Ken C. Q. Nguyen2 , Terry Felton1 , David H. Hall2 , Scott W. Emmons2,3, Richard J. Poole1 * & Arantza Barrios1 *

Nature, 15 October (Vol. 526), 2015

posted on 11/06/2015 3:13 PM

2015年2月10日 Journal Club (Miura)

Three-dimensional head-direction coding in the bat brain
Finkelstein A, Derdikman D, Rubin A, Foerster JN, Las L, Ulanovsky N.
Nature. 2015 Jan 8;517(7533):159-64

posted on 02/06/2015 5:20 PM



An LRRTM4-HSPG Complex Mediates Excitatory Synapse Development on Dentate Gyrus Granule Cells.

Neuron 79, 680-695, August 21, 2013


posted on 09/05/2013 3:46 PM


Dynamics of the leading process, nucleus, and Golgi apparatus of migrating cortical interneurons in living mouse embryos

Yanagida M, Miyoshi R, Toyokuni R, Zhu Y, Murakami F.

Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A. 2012 Oct 9;109(41):16737-42.

posted on 11/04/2012 12:31 AM


Pinceau Organization in the Cerebellum Requires Distinct Functions of Neurofascin in Pukinje and Basket Neurons during Postnatal Development

The Journal of Neuriscience, vol. 32:4724-4742, 2012

posted on 04/12/2012 10:06 PM

2011年10月17日 (三浦)

Transcription factor Lhx2 is necessary and sufficient to suppress astrogliogenesis and promote neurogenesis in the developing hippocampus.

PNAS 2011, vol.108, E265-274


posted on 10/17/2011 10:34 AM