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Useful copyleft softwares developed by Yuzaki lab
Anyone can use, copy, and/or distribute them. If results using the software are published please acknowledge the developer(s).
We assume no responsibility for any damage, destruction, or any other inconvenience caused by using the software.

KoudoukaisekiKun (Mr. Behavior): Developed by Dr. Shintaro Otsuka.

This package includes the following programs:

  1. AVI Recorder: for recording movies in an AVI format.
  2. Freeze Analyzer: for analyzing the duration of freezing behaviors during tail suspension test, forced swim test and fear conditioning test.
  3. Social Interaction Analysis: for analyzing the duration of reciprocal social interactions. 
  4. Other utilities

Please visit the website (sorry, only in Japanese) describing how to install and use this software package.

All programs require Windows 7/8.1/10/11.