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2024/03/18 Journal Club (Dilina)

Interaction of an a-synuclein epitope with HLA- DRB1*15:01 triggers enteric features in mice reminiscent of prodromal Parkinson’s disease

Francesca Garretti, Connor Monahan, Nicholas Sloan, …, Ellen Kanter, Dritan Agalliu, David Sulzer

Neuron 111, 3397–3413; Published: November 1, 2023

PMID: 37597517  DOI: 10.1016/j.neuron.2023.07.015

posted on 03/15/2024 1:28 PM

2023/06/12 Journal Club (Dilina)

A serotonergic axon-cilium synapse drives nuclear signaling to alter chromatin accessibility

Shu-Hsien Sheu, Srigokul Upadhyayula, …, David E. Clapham
Cell 185, 18; Published. 2022 Sep 1;
PMCID: PMC9789380 DOI: 10.1016/j.cell.2022.07.026

posted on 06/09/2023 2:31 PM

2022/11/14 Journal Club (Dilina)

The gut-to-brain axis for toxin-induced defensive responses

Zhiyong Xie, Xianying Zhang, Miao Zhao, …, Fengchao Wang, Congping Shang, Peng Cao

Cell 185, 1–19; Published online. 2022 Oct 25;

PMID: 36323317   DOI: 10.1016/j.cell.2022.10.001

posted on 11/11/2022 2:32 PM

2022/02/21 Journal Club (Dilina)

Visualizing Synaptic Dopamine Efflux with a 2D Nanofilm

Chandima Bulumulla, Andrew T. Krasley, Deepika Walpita, Abraham G. Beyene

bioRxiv, Posted January 22, 2022.

posted on 02/19/2022 11:08 PM

2021/05/31 Journal Club (Dilina)

Nanoscopic dopamine transporter distribution and conformation are inversely regulated by excitatory drive and D2-autoreceptor activity.

Matthew D. Lycas, Aske L. Ejdrup, Andreas T. Sørensen, Nicolai O. Haahr, Søren H. Jørgensen, Daryl A. Guthrie, Jonatan F. Støier, Christian Werner, Amy Hauck Newman, Markus Sauer, Freja Herborg, Ulrik Gether

bioRxiv, Posted March 10, 2021.

posted on 05/28/2021 11:06 AM

2020/09/07 Journal Club (Dilina Tuerde)

Neuromodulator Signaling Bidirectionally Controls Vesicle Numbers in Human Synapses.

Christopher Patzke, Marisa M. Brockmann, Jinye Dai, …, Thomas C. Su ̈ dhof.

posted on 09/03/2020 1:06 PM