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    Changes in the Keio University School of Medicine Yuzusakiken (neurophysiological) In the "neural activity and the environment、How to cause memory and learning、How to change the neural network itself "along the theme that we are research
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Waiting for participation of motivated people。We will actively foster young researchers who are responsible for the future of basic science。
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Old Memories,en

Tech Day & Paper Celebration 2016


Send-off Party for Prof. Kohda

Cherry Blossom Viewing 2016

Brain Club by Dr. me

Farewell & Welcome 2016

Tamagawa Marathon Relay Race 2016

Brain Club Talk by Dr. Ryohei Yasuda

Dr. Takao Hensch

Happy Wedding! (at the year-end party)

Dr. Brose

Shanghai 2015

2015 Welcome party #2!

JP Editorial Board Party at Café du Marche

Tottori Meeting

2015 Welcome party

Dr. Malenka

Brain Club Talk by Dr. Scheifelle

Farewell Party for Tim-kun & Kurauchi-san

2014 Year-end party

Welcome & Farewell Party 2014

Cherry Blossom Viewing @Yotsuya

With Dr. Shigemoto at IST Austria

Farewell Party for Shinji

ECMnet meeting in Turkey

The 90th Brain Club

Brain Club Seminar 2014

Happy birthday, Anna-chan!

Congrats, Shinji on Nat Commun paper!

2013 Tech Day (Thanx!)

Congrats, Wataru!  (Kanae Grant)

Happy birthday 2013

Congrats, Came!

Yuzaki lab members 2013

Wellcome party 2013

Farewell Party 2013

Dr. Ryohei Yasuda

US-Japan symposium 2012

With Dr. Swanson

A party for Tokizane Award

With Dr. Ozawa at JNS2012

With Dr. Aricescu

Welcome party 2012


A farewell party for Dr. Nomura & Ms. Yoshiya

A cerebration of Prof. Kaneda

With Drs. C. Yokoyama & H. Okano

St. Valentine

2011Annual year-end party

2011In November, Mr. Chuan thirty-four hanging entering financial incentive reward will be rewarded

Certain celebration meeting

At the 34th Annual Meeting of JNS

2011July 8 days CREST team get-together

2011On April 27 Secretaries' Day

2011Year rookie welcome party

2011Year Nishiyama kun, Emi

2011年 祝Nature Neuroscience Accept!

2010Year year-end party (in the lab this year)

2010Year Keiko teacher Kanae Foundation Fellowship award

2010Augustine in the year KIST&Tanaka couples

2010Year protein Research Seminar (structural biology and neuroscience)

2010Brain Club of the year Scheiffele and Umemori Dr.

2010Year lab graduation ceremony

2010On Good Science Accept!!

2009Year year-end party (Italian)

2009年 CREST kick-off meeting

2009年 Half-century club入会(50age)celebration

2009Brain Club of year Ziff and Barria Dr.

2009On Jun Iijima study will Zhuanghang

2009Year group photo

2009年 Secretary

2009Year rookie welcome party

2009Year lab graduation ceremony

2008Year Iijima teacher grant award ceremony

2008In Tech & Secretaries Day

2008Dinner of the year Malenka and Esteban Dr.

2008Year group photo

2008Year rookie welcome party

2008Year lab graduation ceremony

2008Year wish Neuron Accept!

2008Year 2nd softball tournament

2007Year year-end party

2007年 Secretary

2007Kai year Iijima teacher your wedding

2007Year rookie welcome party

2007Year lab graduation ceremony


2006Year first-time softball tournament

2006Annual year-end party

2006Year second Kaiyuzusakihai bowling tournament

2006Kai year Kakegawa teacher your wedding

2006Year rookie welcome party

2006Year Kakiya kun farewell party


2005Year first-time bowling tournament

2005Year konjac party